Pick up & Deliveries

Treats are made in small batches to ensure freshness, we aim to get your order to your pet in 48 working hours.

Pick up Orders – See below for maps & direcions:

Monday – Friday

9am – 3pm:  Graeme Hall Park, Christ Church

After 4pm – 6.30pm: #10 Atlantic Shores, Christ Church

Delivery Orders:
Monday – Friday  11am – 3pm

Pick up locations

Directions to Atlantic Shores 

Drive through Oistins, heading East, turn right at Y junction in the corner by Blue Shopping mall.
Turn 2nd right, heading to Enterprise Coast Road, at end of the short road  (Miami Beach is on the right) turn left, follow road until you see the ‘boat’ house with oval shaped roof & signage ‘South Point depot’, Atlantic Shores.

Turn right (the South Point lighthouse will be in front of you)
* Turn left after 1st hump into Southpoint View, it’s a U-shaped dead-end, follow the road turning right & right, we’re at the end, our gates will be facing you, a
light blue house #10.
Please follow the directions once turning into Lighthouse Drive as google will send you to the back of the house.

Directions to #51 Graeme Hall Park

At Graeme Hall roundabout turn left heading down to Top Rock roundabout, turn into the 1st left.  
Its the 4th house on the right, white with a white wall, #51, the bottom apartment.  Call or message us and we’ll  bring your order to you.

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